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Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare

Dogs left alone all day may become bored and anxious often leading to
bad behavior and worse yet, a lonely dog. Even dogs who are lucky enough to spend the day with their owner often miss out on socializing with other dogs. At doggy daycare your dog gets both socialization and energy burning playtime!  You'll get a happier dog and your own peace of mind at the end of the day.


What is dog daycare:   Simply put, dog daycare is a supervised environment where dogs play off-leash with other dogs. 
    How we do it:  Dogs are sorted into groups based on size and temperament and have managed play with lots of toys, ball fetch, chasing, socializing and belly rubs from our staff trained in dog behavior.  Our staff also reinforces good doggy manners along with basic obedience.

    is nap time and relaxation to soft music. We administer any required medications (or lunch if requested) Before you know it, it's time to go home, tired & ready to settle in with their human family.

      ho can come:  Because we are a cage-free play environment, all dogs must be evaluated before taking part in daycare or boarding. Our evaluation consists of reviewing enrollment forms and verifying the required vaccinations.  Then we introduce your dog to a group of dogs to see how they get along.  The majority hit it off just fine and they're free to attend daycare or boarding. To sign up today go to our requirements page for details.
      Our Staff

      Through out their visit dogs are supervised by our staff trained by the standards of Off Leash play by Robin Bennet and the PCSA.  They are Pet Care Technicians knowledgeable in dog handling and behavior.  They will manage the play, games and interaction between the dogs in each group ensuring a safe, stimulating and healthy daycare experience for your dog.

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