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I appreciate your interest in working for Wag More Dogs. Our goal is to provide excellence in all our services and to ensure a fun and safe place for both you AND our client's precious pets. Please know that all job candidates are carefully screened.  Please read and consider carefully the following so that you have a realistic view of what the job entails.

You must have a passion, respect and love of animals
This is place to work for people who genuinely love animals and know how to treat them with respect. The work can be demanding physically and mentally.  That's where your passion and love comes in to sustain you through the challenge that working with animals can pose.  Basically, we are caring for people's children and this comes with a lot of responsibility.  Understand that this job is more than playing with dogs all day. It requires trust and maturity to take on a huge responsibility of care for our customers canine "child". These dogs are their family members.
You must be unafraid of dogs and willing to get dirty,
This can be a dirty job.  Everyone will be required at some time to pick up poop, clean up pee, and maybe break up a dog fight.  It requires a full team effort to ensure both your own and the dogs safety. It can be a loud, noisy and dangerous place at times with the potential risk of being exposed to chemical cleaners, parasites, being bitten, scratched, even bruised.  
Dependability and flexibility are a must

Owners and their pets are depending on us to be here for their dogs. And I in turn will be depending on you.  If you don't show up, there won't be enough staff to provide a safe environment for the dogs. This business is seasonal in nature so depending upon the amount of dogs that come in, days and hours may change. You must be able to work on weekends and holidays as needed as well.  If there are any concerns about this please let me know up front.

You must be a team player
Keeping our facility safe and clean requires a team effort.  With very few exceptions, there are no specialists here. You will be expected to perform any task we require of you.  At some time or another, you may be asked  to clean up some messy dog stuff like pee, vomit, and pooh.  Everyone will be required to take on menial tasks from time to time as part of the job. You'll also need to be able to handle large dogs up to 100lbs, you'll have to be able to handle being on your feet most of the day.  

We take our profession very seriously.  If you wish to work here, then you must too.    If you can make this commitment, then please proceed to fill out the application.
This is great job that allows you to work with animals, enjoy the outdoors and know that you're making a difference in a dogs life every day. You'll be contributing to their health and happiness while giving their owners peace of mind.  It can be a rewarding and fulfilling work experience. 
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