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10/19/2015 Mathew G.--
The entire team at Wag More loves our Whoodle almost as much as we do. Kim and her team are reliable, flexible and accommodating. The facility is clean, the location is convenient, and the staff is the best.The ability to see everything on camera, get updates on social media, etc, is just the icing on the cake.Take it from someone that has used several local daycares; Wag More is far and away the best!

6/29/2015 Kate Q. Arlington--.
I absolutely love the owner and staff at Wagmore Dogs. They are professional, friendly, and extremely warm and welcoming to my dog, Bella. Whenever I drop Bella off for the day, she doesn't even look back for me. She greets everyone and can't wait to go inside to play. She is tired and happy at the end of the day. I also boarded her there last summer for a full week and she was well cared for. The place is very clean and I love the doggy cam. the people who work in with the dogs are often petting them and playing with them. Kim is a dog lover with a big heart. She owns several of her own rescue dogs. She also hires only dog lovers. It's obvious.

1/23/2015 Karla F. Woodbridge-- My review is based on the grooming solely. I dropped off my shih tzu poodle mix for a haircut. Her hair had gotten super matted, I had originally made an appointment across the street and they had told us that they would have to leave her with no hair.  I was not ok with that when I went across the street to wag more dogs they told me they would be able to leave atleast and inch of hair which made me feel alot better. When I picked up my dog she looked like a new puppy! She was also so happy I would absolutely bring her back here! The people at the front desk were very helpful and nice.

6/18/2014 Kevin M. Washington, DC--
Absolutely awesome!  I reviewed a lot of doggie day care businesses and decided to go with Wag More Dogs for several reasons and I am GLAD I did.  They are right next to and a huge supporter of the Shirlington Dog Park.  One thing that really makes them stand out is their package options.  Unlike many other doggie day cares theirs  do not expire - this was a big deal for me since I take my dog there twice a week.  More importantly they treat my dog as their own!

7/29/2013 Alan B. Arlington--
Wag More fixed my dog!  Recently, I left my 18 month old miniature pinscher at Wag More boarded for a weekend.  Being he is a pound pup, and known as a 'difficult' breed, we've had problems training him.  In fact, we came to Wag More after learning another competitor  who we had started developing a relationship with does not take their dogs outside at all.  We were afraid, given how hard this dog was to house train, that not giving him the option to go outside might cause him to regress.  Well, our dog came back after three nights better behaved than he went in!  He's using nipping less to express himself.  He is more compliant.  He is calmer and better behaved with our kitties.  

I attribute some of this to his getting socialized with other dogs.  I imagine he learned something about pack hierarchy and acceptable behavior.  I do not know how much of this is naturally occurring with socialization skills and how much might have been taught to him proactively by Wag More, but whichever - I am sure Wag More provided the care and attention and guidance to facilitate my little dog becoming more confident and better-behaved.  We are happier with dog's behavior after his visit, and are planning to take him every two weeks or so, simply because it seems to be good for him.

1/27/2013 L.K. Fairfax
--Taking my dog to Wag More is such a treat for me and him because I get peace of mind knowing he is well taken care of and my dog gets to run around and have a good time.  My favorite deal is their "spa day," which includes grooming and a day of daycare.  I love picking up my furball when he is nice and clean and totally worn out from playing with other dogs all day.  Also, the doggie cam is a nice touch so you can check and see how your dog is doing throughout the day, and I like knowing that all dogs at their facility have confirmed up-to-date vaccinations and have to be well socialized to play with other dogs.

3/2/2013 Louis K. Fairfax
-- First I have to say that the idea of taking my dog to daycare is a concept that I still can't understand, in fact when I tell people that I routinely drop him off in the morning and pick him up at night they give me strange looks.  Further it's quite common for people to think I'm full of BS when I tell them I have to leave a function or meeting early so I can pick up my dog from Daycare.  With that being said, I have to say I love this place.  Before finding Wag More I'd taken my dog to several other places, and I found that the treatment of the dogs was something I wasn't satisfied with, while they were not cruel or harsh something about it was just a little off for me.  Each time I'd pick my dog up from the other places my Westie would be agitated.   What I like about Wag More is that the people that work there have a genuine love of animals, and the entire staff are dog lovers, it shows in how they interact with everyone's dog.  I routinely leave my dog there for boarding when I go out of town instead of leaving him with family because I feel he's in better hands. 

5/31/2011, Bryan P. Alexandria-- After an extensive search I finally found a great place to board my pooches. Wag More Dogs is not a business that deals with dogs (like some establishments). Dogs ARE their business. The facility is clean and well managed by a professional staff. They are "dog people" and not just people who like dogs. In addition to the great staff there are several other advantages to WMD:
1) Daycare is included with boarding (many places will just keep your dog and not let them mingle without an additional fee).
2) The floor is a soft rubber mat (great for playing on and not getting hurt).
3) It's in a great location right off I395 and adjacent to Shirlington Dog Park.
4) You can check up on your pooches via their live webcam!
5) It is VERY reasonably priced

2/12/2011 J.R. Arlington-- this place has a smokin' location -- right at the entrance to the Shirlington Dog Park.  I'd been taking my puppy, Franco, to PetSmarts PetsHotel for DayCamp, but it is always so crowded there - not a lot of room for them to run around.  Franco and I are recently new to Arlington, so we checked out the Shirlington Dog Park as everyone raves about it (it IS awesome), we couldn't help but check out Wag More Dogs DayCare too

6/29/2011 Jenn G. Alexandria--  Being new to the area, we were hoping to find a doggy daycare that would compare to the place in MN our Frenchie had been attended.  The bar was set high, and this has proven to be his new favorite spot!  The staff is friendly and knows my dog by name when we walk in the front door.  Their prices are reasonable and I can even watch our littleman when we are out of town via their web cam!  We are really glad that we found this place while visiting the Shirlington Dog Park a few weeks ago.

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